Apple Music Playlists

Here are carefully selected Apple Music playlists for a wide variety of musical tastes!

Robin Meloy Goldsby — Artist Radio — top tracks from Robin Meloy Goldsby, mixed with a great selection of music from other like-minded, solo-piano artists.

Robin Meloy Goldsby — Solo Piano Playlist — the best of Robin’s solo piano recordings! Hours and hours of Robin’s solo piano music.

Lyrics by Robin Meloy Goldsby — A wide selection of tracks, recorded by some of the greatest singers on the scene today—Mario Biondi, Jessica Gall, Peter Fessler, Till Brönner, Joyce Moreno, Curtis Stigers, Jeff Cascaro, and Fay Claassen!


John Goldsby — Playlist — here as bassist and bandleader. Over four hours of John’s best work as a bandleader.


John Goldsby, Artist Radio — top tracks from John Goldsby, mixed with a great selection of music from like-minded artists.


5-Star Hotel Jazz Playlist — We stay in a lot of hotels around the world, from 5-star to no-star. This is a playlist I would love to hear in the lobby, bar, elevator (yes, also in the elevator) of any hotel. This beautiful, world-class instrumental jazz adds a hip, sophisticated vibe to your home, culinary experience, or hotel bar. Sexy, romantic, swinging and soothing.



Jazz Double Bass History — A 5-Star Playlist — This playlist contains many of the recorded examples mentioned in John’s books, The Jazz Bass Book, and Jazz Bowing Techniques for the Improvising Bassist, in addition to other historically-important bass tracks. This playlist is not a compilation of “hot licks” and mind-blowing feats of bass technique (although there are quite a few tracks that might just blow your mind), rather a recorded history of the development of jazz bass technique—from Pops Foster and Wellman Braud, to Ron Carter, Dave Holland, Rufus Reid and beyond. Over 25 hours of bass beauty! Many of these tracks are used in John’s teaching presentations at Conservatorium Maastricht, Folkwang Universität Essen, University of Louisville, Sligo Summer Jazz Workshop, Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshop, and in workshops and private lessons.


Jazz Bowing Techniques for the Improvising Bassist — Here’s an Apple Music playlist containing a small taste of some of the tracks  transcribed and analysed in John’s book, “Jazz Bowing Techniques for the Improvising Bassist.” Slam Stewart, Paul Chambers, Jimmie Blanton, Eddie Gomez, John Goldsby — bowin’ the bass!


The WDR Big Band Apple Music Playlist — Recordings from 1989 though 2019! Hours and hours of great big band jazz from one of the most prolific ensembles on the planet—the WDR (Westdesutscher Rundfunk) Big Band, Cologne, Germany.